Four indispensable products to give you fast and easy access to the full power of the Mac OS

he Macintosh OS is great, but ACTION Utilities makes it even better! This collection of our four most popular products takes your Macintosh to new heights. Best of all, there's no learning curve. ACTION Utilities is fast and intuitive! If you admired the award winning Now Utilities, you'll LOVE ACTION Utilities!

The Most Powerful Macintosh Enhancements You Can Buy!

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  Organize & Access Files & Folders AUTOMATICALLY & INSTANTLY!
  • Resize and move the windows.
  • Sort by Name, Date, Size, Kind, and Label.
  • Move items to Trash and Empty Trash.
  • Rename files and folders.
  • Create new folders.
  • Perform Finds.

ACTION Files adds instant access to recent and favorite documents and folders

  • Under each application's File Menu
  • In Open/Save dialogs
  • In the Finder

Using SmartItems´┐Ż, ACTION Menus Automatically Creates Menus Containing:

Recent, Favorite, Frequently Used & Running Applications,

  • Recent, Favorite, & Frequently Used Documents,
  • Recent, Favorite, & Frequently Used Folders,
  • Recent, Available & Currently Mounted Servers,
  • Control Panels (either all or specific),
  • Open Finder and application windows
  • Smart Separators keep your customization clear.

    Start Smart with the Macintosh Task Bar!

  • The ultimate Macintosh Command Center with File Launching, Task Switching, Layer Management, Calendar, and more!
  • Keyboard Control for lightning fast switching between programs.
  • Go instantly to applications, window, files, folders, and web sites with just one click.

Switch Applications from the Keyboard!
Use just one hand on the keyboard,
to switch instantly between
running applications.
You can even quit or hide
multiple applications at once!

    View Typefaces and Font Families Right in Your Favorite Applications!

  • Multiple columns show you hundreds of fonts simultaneously.
  • Font selection without the guesswork.
  • Turn WYSIWYG display on or off instantly with the press of a key.
  • Compatible with all the major Macintosh software for professional results.


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